February Futures Vol 1: Espionage of Malcolm X by Jason Cortez

Is anyone else disappointed about the lack of flying cars whipping over head? Us TOO! TBFS decided to do some shyt about it like create the future we want to see. We are setting our February Futures Series off with Jason Cortez’s vision of Malcolm X. That’s right, El Hajj Malik Shabazz has a brand new bag as only a black frequency can materialize. Blink a few times before you click into this one… trust us. #BossLogic

Talk About Bad 2016

Before we can wrap our shiny new America in a bow and think of handing it down to the next millennials, let’s take a moment to sit in our collective realism. Prince passed and Jay-Z got gassed, Trump left the country in a slump, Mariah can’t sing all of a sudden. SMDH. Let’s talk about Bad 2016!