WOW Akua! The Woman On Wednesday’s Transit Line

We had to check-in with the higher reaching, consummate artist, remembering the passion, the angst, and the joy of her all from her debut. It wasn’t surprising to find her sails poofed with them same sanging winds she ripped a wave through Fisk with back in the… back in the… back in the day when we was young but we not kids anymore.

February Futures Vol 1: Espionage of Malcolm X by Jason Cortez

Is anyone else disappointed about the lack of flying cars whipping over head? Us TOO! TBFS decided to do some shyt about it like create the future we want to see. We are setting our February Futures Series off with Jason Cortez’s vision of Malcolm X. That’s right, El Hajj Malik Shabazz has a brand new bag as only a black frequency can materialize. Blink a few times before you click into this one… trust us. #BossLogic